Thanks and appreciation for all the encouragement and support you have provided to us over these past six years. It was always nice to know we had the help of a warm and welcoming staff to address any of our concerns or questions. You’ve made the experience of homeschooling all the more rewarding.

Curriculum: High School

Oak Meadow High School Catalog

The Advantage of Oak Meadow’s
Print-based Courses

  • Printed course materials are portable and accessible in any environment, regardless of internet availability or computer equipment. Students traveling with their families, athletes awaiting a match, and performers waiting in the wings all have technology- free access to their studies.
  • Our printed curriculum encourages personal involvement with the written word. Reading printed books encourages students to use active reading skills such as writing margin notes, highlighting key phrases and vocabulary, and noting questions, thoughts, and personal responses.
  • Current brain research shows that excessive “screen time” during adolescence promotes reduced attention span, lower executive functioning skills, and impaired relationships with parents and peers. There are also concerns about the physical effects of long-term computer usage in childhood.
  • The printed materials are yours to keep forever, and can be an important resource to refer back to as the student’s skills and knowledge grows.

An Internationally Accredited College Preparatory Program

At Oak Meadow, we understand that choosing an educational path is one of the most important decisions you can make. Our fully accredited high school program is built on strong academic standards, and reflects our deep commitment to meaningful and creative college and career preparation. You can see this commitment in our core educational principles:

Encourage integrative thinking, participation in community activities, and exploration of the natural world.'

Support students in their quest for academic excellence by developing confidence in their own observations and opinions.

Foster a healthy balance between academic accomplishment, intellectual development, and emotional engagement.

Respect students as intelligent and capable individuals who respond sensitively and creatively to the world in which they live.



Purchase Our Award-Winning Curriculum

  • Can be used without enrollment in our distance learning school.
  • 36 weekly lesson plans and a variety of assignments to best synthesize knowledge.
  • Creative, flexible structure for exceptional personalized independent learning.
  • Obtain teacher manuals and answer keys by calling our office.
  • Browse or buy in our online Bookstore.

Enroll In Our Fully-Accredited School

  • Added benefit of dedicated teacher support. Read about our expert faculty.
  • Assurance of accredited transcripts and a diploma.
  • Small size (under 300 students enrolled in our high school) ensures excellent individualized support
  • College counseling for full exploration of post-secondary education
  • Spring graduation ceremony to celebrate students' unique educational achievements.
  • Effective and appropriate online community learning opportunities to compliment print-based curriculum.
  • Learn more about enrollment in Oak Meadow High School.
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