12 Advantages of Homeschooling

1. Witnessing your children’s excitement about learning is a privilege and a joy.
2. Learning new things together as a family benefits everyone and sets a good example for children.
3. A flexible schedule makes it possible to pursue activities and passions easily.
4. Individual needs and priorities get top focus.
5. Changing a child’s education plan is as simple as switching gears; there are no institutional hoops to jump through.
6. Sensitive children can be nurtured in a way that honors their need for attachment.
7. Home affords abundant opportunities for unstructured learning and learning through play.
8. There is no limit on personal enrichment (fine arts, physical activity, personal growth…)
9. Home learning is holistically integrated with all aspects of life.
10. Being available to visit prime attractions during the off season makes adventuring easier.
11. Sleep can be based on the body’s natural rhythms, instead of the school bus schedule.
12. Socializing regularly with people of all ages, instead of just same-aged peers, helps homeschoolers become socially confident, articulate, and well-rounded.