12 More Advantages of Homeschooling

Posted on October 5, 2015 by Amanda Witman

1. Discipline is handled lovingly by parents, instead of teachers and administrators, who must follow standard protocols.
2. Cooperative learning can take precedence over competition.
3. Time spent together fosters a strong bond between siblings.
4. Teaching and learning reflects the family’s values, not those of the teacher, school, or government.
5. Learning can be individually adapted to include more or less work in a given subject.
6. Parents can take a proactive, hands-on approach in guiding peer interactions.
7. If there is something great happening late at night, you can say yes and sleep in the next day!
8. Public school mandates, such as Common Core and standardized testing, are optional.
9. More healthy physical touch is allowed at home with siblings and parents than would be allowed in school with peers and teachers.
10. Homeschooled children can experience autonomy and develop full responsibility for their learning in a way that is not typically fostered in schools.
11. Areas that need more attention get more time, and less time is wasted where it isn’t needed.
12. Homework isn’t an issue, because it’s all “home” work!