Brattleboro School Without Walls

What does your ideal school week look like?  How do you learn best? You might do well in an organized school setting, or you might flourish when you have the freedom to learn independently. At Brattleboro School Without Walls (BSW2), creative, self-directed, motivated high schoolers get the best of both worlds.

BSW2 runs Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from September to June. Spend the day at our downtown Brattleboro learning center taking full-credit Oak Meadow courses, getting teacher support, and collaborating with a small group of like-minded students. You are free to follow your passions as an integral part of your education! Earn credit by doing the things that inspire you outside of our walls: intern with local organization,find a community mentor, engage in an independent study, take classes with our partner organizations and schools. It’s a hybrid educational model that encourages self-direction while providing academic structure and support.

BSW 2 is a microschool operating as the on-site extension of Oak Meadow’s distance learning school. It is a licensed high school, as well as a small learning center, which gives us the flexibility to follow individual student interests while respecting each unique learning style.

The mission of Brattleboro School Without Walls is to support adolescents in their self-construction through meaningful academic and community engagement.

This program is open to local high school students in the Brattleboro, VT area. Please fill out an application, and contact BSW2’s director, Jessica Turner at with any questions, or view our informational brochure.