The painting course introduces painting in terms of color and design, and explores representational skills as well as non-representational and abstract elements. This course helps develop basic skills and creative thinking, and students are asked to explore their creative thoughts in a written journal, and to conduct self-evaluations. Using acrylics, students learn to paint still life, portraits, and landscapes, and to use texture, pattern, light, and color to create expressive paintings. Prerequisite: Drawing and Design

Drawing and Design

Students are introduced to the primary concepts of drawing and design using exercises and readings designed to enhance artistic skills and appreciation. These drawing and design principles develop a student’s capacities to think creatively and to develop an eye for aesthetics. Exercises include gestural drawing, contour drawing, the use of values to add dimension, portraits, visual composition, and proportion. Students gain experience drawing with pencil, charcoal, colored pencils, soft pastels, and oil pastels.

Integrated Drawing

Integrated Drawing is an experiential course that is designed to help students of all skill levels learn to draw. Students learn the basics of perspective, shading, proportion, color, and compositional balance.

Level IV Language Study

Oak Meadow offers advanced study in all languages through an individualized tutorial developed in partnership with the language teacher. These full year courses give the student experience in reading literature, writing compositions, and exploring the culture through personal and creative projects.

French III

The French III program uses the latest technology in learning a world language. This updated course consists of the student text and online access to links with valuable resources. Features include interactive activities, games, cultural videos, and electronic tutors. Our French III program emphasizes the skills of listening, understanding, speaking, and writing. The goal is for the student to gain fluency in communicating in French.

French II

French II is an intermediate-level course that is studied both with a textbook and online. Each chapter contains sections on vocabulary, grammar, culture, cultural readings, writing, and review exercises. The student has access to the Holt website which provides audio comprehension narratives and dialogues that complement the textbook, in addition to interactive exercises, learning resources, and cultural activities.

French I

French I is an introduction to the study of French is newly designed and written to be studied with a printed text and online access. The Holt website provides audio comprehension narratives and dialogues to accompany the course, interactive practice exercises, learning resources, and cultural activities. The goal for the student is to feel confident in using French. The student will acquire listening, speaking, and writing skills through practice with vocabulary, dialogues, and stories. This course includes a strong focus on the life and culture of the French-speaking countries.

Spanish III

In Spanish III, students move to a higher level of the spoken and written language and become comfortable using Spanish in a wide variety of conversational and written activities. More advanced vocabulary and grammatical structures provide the basis for “real-life” activities that deepen the appreciation for different cultures throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

Spanish II

Spanish II is an intermediate-level course that uses both textbook and online material. Students begin to develop strong vocabulary and grammar skills through a study of culture, cultural readings, and writing. The Holt website provides audio comprehension narratives and dialogues that compliment the textbook, in addition to interactive exercises, learning resources, and cultural activities.

Spanish I

In this introductory Spanish I course, students are introduced to grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure while learning about the culture, history, and geography of a wide range of Spanish-speaking countries. Students learn details about traditional and modern life, food, art and music, and cultural traditions. The course incorporates a wide range of online cultural and language-learning resources to deepen the student’s learning. The course is designed to engage students right from the start of each lesson and to have them feel confident in communicating in Spanish at this beginning level. Each lesson includes elements of vocabulary, grammar, culture, writing, and review exercises.