December 16, 1773

Posted on December 16, 2014 by Lesley Arnold

tea_party_Boston_HarborDisguised as Mohawk Indians, the Bostonians, on December 16, 1773, destroyed all the chests filled with tea on three British merchant ships in Boston Harbor. The people of Boston were angry that King George III made them pay heavy taxes on the tea. This “party” was one event that led to the American Revolutionary War. Those of you that have studied with the fifth grade Oak Meadow curriculum know why the conflict took place on this December morning. In the end, the conflict actually made matters worse because Britain was very angry with the tossing of the tea. The British Parliament set out to punish Boston and closed the port. Parliament demanded that the citizens of Boston pay for the tea. They also took away land that the colonists had claimed as their own. As a result, the First Continental Congress was formed and they began to organize their revolution. In just six short months after the Boston Tea Party, the American Revolution began.
It’s fun to answer some trivia questions on this December 16th day! Here goes:
1. Who were The Sons of Liberty?
2. The people against the British were called “__________.”
3. Did Paul Revere help with the Boston Tea Party?
4. What were the names of the three British ships in Boston Harbor that had tea aboard?
5. What was the “Tea Act” and who was responsible for making it?