Even More Advantages of Homeschooling

1. Children can follow their interests and passions deeply, encouraging sustained engagement in learning.
2. Listening to their bodies regarding when to sleep, eat, play, etc. helps children remain connected to and responsible for their physical needs in a healthy way.
3. Spending significant time together builds a strong parent-child relationship.
4. Time and energy are free to be invested in the family instead of in the needs of the school system.

5. With no dress code, it’s perfectly possible to spend the day in the comfort of pajamas!
6. There is freedom to make nonconforming choices about appearance without the risk of peer pressure.
7. Homeschooled students who are on either end of the academic bell curve have no reason to be self-conscious about how different they might be from their peers.
8. Learning can happen at its own pace, which means quick learners can accelerate and slow learners can take all the time they need.

9. Flexible scheduling throughout the year makes it easy to take a “leave of absence” from formal learning for traveling, attending a special event, managing a health issue, or healing from trauma.
10. Complete oversight of your child’s learning means the parent’s educational priorities are always front and center.
11. Individual attention means an infinitely flexible, personal approach to learning for each child.
12. You can rest easier knowing that you are doing what your child needs.
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