Exploring Symmetry

Posted on May 14, 2015 by Lesley Arnold

imagesOver the weekend we went on a long walk through the woods. Somehow through all the chatter as we walked (there were five of us) we came up with the idea to look for things along the way that were symmetrical. We only looked for items that had reflection symmetry. This is the type of symmetry where one half is a reflection of the other half. When we found something we thought was symmetrical, we took a picture of it. When we got home, we printed the pictures and cut them so that each half was a reflection of the other. After pasting one half to a piece of paper, we could draw the other half. The challenge was to make it look as exact a reflection as we could. It was lots of fun!
I was thinking that this would also be a fun activity for a lazy day at home. Instead of using photographs from nature, one could use old magazine pictures. Cut out pictures, then cut them along the line of symmetry, and attempt to draw the reflection. images-2
Try this activity!