Artistic Activities with Hands and Feet!

Bright sun, shining down
Shining on the ground.
What a lovely face you have
Yellow big and round.

By Amanda Vasquez

For those of us who live in the northern hemisphere, many of us are currently experiencing cold temperatures, cloudy skies, and an abundance of snow. Although I love the season of winter, I can’t help but sometimes reflect on the coming of spring and the summer days that vibrantly provide us with bright sunshine and warmer temperatures.

 Good morning SunshineOn particularly cloudy days, it can be fun to create your own sunny space through creative endeavors. Yes! You can bring sunshine into your homes! You can start the day by waking your child and pleasantly greeting them with “Good morning, Sunshine”.

Window-Sun-1It’s also a fantastic way to document your children’s development through the use of their fast growing bodies, and hands are a great way to measure the growth. Here’s a fun site that offers suggestions for creating suns with handprints.

Robin footprintThroughout the K-4 Oak Meadow science studies, animal tracking exercises involve exploring outdoors in search of tracks, along with identifying and drawing them. Tracing the student’s foot is a suggested activity. If you would like to add some artistic ideas to foot tracing, here’s another site that provides clever ideas. The robin theme is my favorite! If your children would like to share their hand-and-foot art, please send a photo. It would be a delight to view all the artistic endeavors created by our awesome Oak Meadow students!