Make-It-Yourself Scratch Board

Posted on February 27, 2015 by Leslie Ann Daniels

1d16a0a28745d1a0d94a7cd4673b3381cOn the coldest days of the winter season, when inclement weather keeps us inside, it’s necessary to find more indoor activities that encourage self-expression. One of my favorite artistic projects during this time of year is to make a scratch board.
1Scratchboard2-by-Fred-MarinInstead of creating a picture with pen and ink (or with crayons and colored pencils) on white paper, you can create a scratch board by making white lines on black paper. Scratch boards are heavy sheets of paper covered with two coats of paint: first a solid white layer, then on top of that, a solid black. You scratch into the black with a sharp point and “draw” crisp white lines into the black background. Your scratch board drawing is a reverse of your usual drawings, and it’s great fun!
White drawing paper
India Ink
A bit of soap
A scratching tool, such as a bent paper clip or a nail
1. Color a thick layer of white crayon all over your drawing paper.
2. Brush a coat of India ink over the crayon. A bit of soap added to the paintbrush helps the ink stick to the waxy crayon. Cover the crayon completely with a solid layer of black.
3. Let the ink dry overnight.
4. Scratch a drawing into the black ink. The crayon below the black shows through.
If you wish to make a rainbow scratch board, color with many different crayons in a bright rainbow pattern before inking your scratchboard. Your scratch art will be multicolored!