Gifts come in Strange Packages

“Be thankful and joyful.
Be content with life.
Make the most of every situation.”
? Lailah Gifty Akita

Well, I had an interesting Thanksgiving week last week. A huge snowstorm came barreling into New England and the snow was so thick and heavy that I heard tree branches snapping all night. By morning we had no electricity. The whole street was without power. I do have to say that I really like days like this in the winter! The fallen snow makes the whole city white and it’s also quieter because no cars are going anywhere. There’s a wonderful silence when the electricity is out because all appliances and devices shut down. There is a calm throughout the land that creates a lovely peace in the neighborhood. So ordinarily I would love days like this, but it was Thanksgiving day! I had pies to cook, potatoes to bake, a turkey to baste, and the house began to take on a chill that I knew wasn’t going to go away despite the woodstove being stoked! I couldn’t take a hot shower, the toilets couldn’t be flushed, and opening the refrigerator or freezer was out of the question. What to do? We decided to shovel ourselves out and escape to Massachusetts where there was electricity, family, food, and fun!
Our drive to Massachusetts allowed me some space to think about all I am thankful for. Despite the snowstorm, it was a wonderful gift to not have electricity on Thanksgiving day! I doubt that my list of things to be thankful for would have included electricity and all the ways I need it if the storm hadn’t shut down all power to the house.