High School Art at Oak Meadow

~ by Tara Sullivan, Oak Meadow Art Teacher ~
So many times, when I tell people that I teach art for Oak Meadow, I have been asked, “How can a student learn art if they are studying by themselves at home?” and, “How do you see their artwork?” When I explain our distance learning model, the last question is usually, “Does it work?”
The answer is a resounding, “Yes, our system works beautifully!”

Photo credit: Nurbanu Alptekin (Oak Meadow Archives)
Photo credit: Nurbanu Alptekin
(Oak Meadow Archives)

Our Oak Meadow students consistently engage in the creative process, both to develop their artistic skills and to discover their unique point of view. Engaging in art helps them learn to communicate their feelings and thoughts, and to express themselves in an authentic, original way.
Every day I am excited to open my email and see the beautiful projects that my students have been working on! In each student, I see vast improvement throughout their courses. I see skills develop and confidence grow. I answer questions about technique or perspective, make suggestions about medium or composition, nudge toward consistent practice, and encourage thoughtful reflection of their own work and the work of other artists. I am honored to guide my students in their creative work, and I am proud of the accomplishments they achieve.
Photo credit: Fianna Wilde (Oak Meadow Archives)
Photo credit: Fianna Wilde
(Oak Meadow Archives)

Each and every day, Oak Meadow art students rise to the challenge of engaging in their work in a way that is meaningful and satisfying. The resulting artwork speaks for itself. Please take a few minutes to view our Student Art Showcase and enjoy the fruits of our students’ creative work.
To view the 2016 Student Art Showcase on the Oak Meadow website, click here.
Oak Meadow’s high school art program is available to enrolled students through our distance learning program, and the art curriculum is also available separately for independent families who wish to use it on their own. To read more about about Oak Meadow’s distance-learning art courses, click here. To purchase Oak Meadow fine arts curriculum and materials, click here.