If I Were President…

In Oak Meadow’s second grade social studies coursework, the students learn about the importance of a being a good leader. With the upcoming US presidential election, this is an especially valuable lesson to focus on. One of my seven-year-old Oak Meadow students, Carlos, wrote an essay for the Bethesda Literary Festival’s Youth Writing Contest. It was on the given subject matter of “If I Were President.” The way in which Carlos expressed his thoughts and words are definitely worth sharing:
“If I Were President”
If I were President of the United States, I would be at least 10 years old and speak at least 9 languages. Being able to communicate with other countries brings peace and friendship.
I would stop war and create peace by helping people deal with their anger. Anger comes from fear and some people might just be afraid so they get angry and violent and want war. People need to share and cooperate and maybe meditate more.
I would have smart people with good hearts around me to help make the best decisions. I would think of ways to help people without jobs find work they enjoy.
All kids would learn to read and write and love it, like I do. Learning is so much fun, but sometimes people forget. We are always learning, no matter how old.
If I were President of the United States, I would make protecting the environment a priority. Our planet earth is Mother Earth and we must take care of her. We must love animals and respect them.