International Day of Peace

Imagine all the people living life in peace. – John Lennon
Each year on September 21, the International Day of Peace is observed around the world. This year’s theme is “Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All”.  Such a celebration reminds us of the value in quietude and tranquility, and it provides us with a perfect opportunity to find peace within ourselves and to share peace with others. How can we partner up and do this with our children? Here are some meaningful, yet simple, ways to become active in discovering the dimensions of peace and peace building from a local and global perspective:
1childExplore a Natural Setting – Perhaps you and your child can start the day with a peaceful walk in a natural setting. You can sit quietly, meditate and reflect, or just listen to the sounds in nature. If a natural setting is inaccessible, then include yoga exercises, sing a song, or recite a poem about peace during circle time.
Share in an Arts & Crafts Project – Encourage your child to create a picture or a poster that represents the meaning of peace. The artwork could include decorated doves, an olive branch, a peace sign, or hands that are held together. Include peaceful music in the background during the project.
Create a Banner or Mural – The mural or banner could portray images and/or words showing what peace represents. It could even include a personal phrase or poetry composition about peace. When it is finished, hang the artful expression in your child’s bedroom or in your classroom.
Discuss Diversity & Cultural Awareness – You might like to discuss the diversity of different people within your family or community, and then make comparisons of this diversity to people around the world. Help your child gain a healthy perspective on the differences, yet focus more on the similarities we share with others.
Play Games – Incorporate non-competitive or cooperative games in your day.
1dalailama_1Learn About World Leaders of Peace – Talk about leaders of peace, integrate stories, and have your child think about ways to contribute to peaceful relations among people. Make a plan to do something for someone else that would bring peace to their heart and peace to their minds.

Most importantly, inspire your children with peace.

Think it. Say it. Do it.