Oak Meadow 2016 Poetry Extravaganza

Posted on April 28, 2016 by Amanda Witman

April is National Poetry Month! Do you ever write poetry just for fun? Poems can be like paintings with words. You might try a traditional form, such as a haiku or a couplet, or just start writing free verse and see what comes out of your pen!
Every year we take this opportunity to celebrate our students’ poetry. Many of our students write poems as part of Oak Meadow’s comprehensive curriculum, and others submit poems they wrote outside of their lessons.
Here are a few of our students’ poems that we hope you will enjoy. You can see some of the others on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We’ll be posting the rest on our website soon!

Photo credit: Heather Brainerd  (Oak Meadow Archives)
Photo credit: Heather Brainerd
(Oak Meadow Archives)

The Kite
by Isabella Merlini, grade 10, Oak Meadow

High up in the air,
Soaring in the summer breeze.
Flying happily.

“I was inspired to write this haiku poem based on a previous poem that I wrote in fifth grade about a kite. I have always liked watching kites as they fly because they look so happy and free when they are high up in the sky.”
Poem by Lucy Enge, grade 9, Oak Meadow
Photo credit: The Krefting Family  (Oak Meadow Archives)
Photo credit: The Krefting Family
(Oak Meadow Archives)

Among the hills we walked today
breathing in the smells of spring
and rejoicing in Earth’s glory

preserved for us and generations.
Parks and trails of Nature’s beauty
and full of peace and serenity to all who come

to be healed or relaxed.
I went this night for a closer look
At the hills and meadow grasses,

only to realize the true importance of nature,
in that we need these special places
For recreation and rejuvenation,

millions flock to the National Parks
in every state of the Great U.S.
I am proud to have such parks for everyone in every place.

“I was inspired to write this poem after a hike with my mom on part of the New England National Scenic Trail by our house in Connecticut for my world geography class.”
A Fleck of Faith
by Jamie Stenzel, grade 8, Oak Meadow
She gazed around at the light strands of grass which bowed down to the wind,
and smiled as they sprung back up
like brave warriors in a hopeless war
against a force that was so much greater than them,
moving with the aspects of nature
until it broke them down again and again
and gained another fleck of flimsy faith,
the wind soaring through and around them
the way it did when she had tried to return home that night
but it had been too strong,
and she truly felt exactly like these lonely fields of grass,
especially when it rained and she was soaked,
her straw-like hair like damp hay itself,
and her stick-like figure flimsy
like the flimsy fleck of faith the grass gained,
although she truly knew she was stronger than that within,
for after sitting there a few more minutes
she realized she was not only like the grass,
she was like the wind too
strong, weak, quiet, but ever so loud,
and sadly destructive,
and then her quite unflattering smile reappeared
she finally felt like she could return home again.

“I wrote this for an English assignment, and I was pretty happy with it, and decided to submit it. I sort of had this image of a girl who’s run away from home, but then realizes she doesn’t have to be afraid to face her obstacles, like grass against wind. My inspiration came from that scene.”
Even if you haven’t ever written a poem before, give it a try! If you can write, you can write poetry. If you create something you like, share it with us here. We’d love to see and enjoy your poetry, too.
Photo credit: The Robert Family  (Oak Meadow Archives)
Photo credit: The Robert Family
(Oak Meadow Archives)