Oak Meadow 2015 Poetry Extravaganza – Part I

Poetry is art made of words. Oak Meadow students of all ages have the opportunity to explore poetry in their lessons. To celebrate National Poetry Month, Oak Meadow teachers selected some of their students’ best work to share. You will find it posted here “In the Meadow” over the next few days.
We hope this will inspire you — homeschoolers and parents and everyone reading this — to think about writing some poetry of your own. You can post your own contribution as a comment to add to our poetry celebration. Or just take a moment to read your poetry out loud to anyone who will listen — your parents, children, siblings, neighbors, friends, and pets (real or stuffed)!
Nature can be an endless source of inspiration for poetry. Oak Meadow second grader Tal Weitz wrote this beautiful rhyming poem about nature:
I listen to the sounds
of nature as I feel
that it had grinned.
I feel the soft
moonlight as I rest
within the wind.
Tal Weitz, 2nd grade
Submitted by Oak Meadow teacher Sarah Antel
Next is a poem by Oak Meadow student Penelope Sherck inspired by an Oak Meadow lesson. You can see a video of Penelope presenting her poem here. It is such a treat to see a poet’s own interpretation of their work!
The Earth Does Glow
Flowers bloom in meadows so sweet;The Earth Does Glow
Owls do caw in nights so sleek;
And mushrooms grow from here to there,
but only you and I know where.
The Earth does glow on nights like these;
The stars do shine as bright as day;
You and I now should see;
The Earth does everything
For you and me.
Penelope Sherck, 3rd grade
Submitted by Oak Meadow teacher Michelle Menegaz
We hope these poems will inspire you to write your own poetry and share it with us in writing, picture, or video. Tell us about your poem and what motivated you to write it. We hope you will give the world a chance to enjoy your poetry just as Tal and Penny have!