Oak Meadow 2015 Poetry Extravaganza – Part III

The true poem rests between the words. ~ Vanna Bonta

We hope you have been enjoying the poetry that we have been sharing here In the Meadow in honor of National Poetry Month! Today’s poetry installation features a beauty of a poem as well as a work of visual art, both by Oak Meadow students.

Season of all Souls
by Brooke Doughty
The rain taps my windowpane,
faeries urging me out of foggy mind.
Winter is passed in the past,
Come forth.
dripping water washes away stillness,
a shower for these souls.
Free from earthy boundaries,
spin through the mist.
Rain as a waterfall falling upon me
Clearing winter from my body with a new breath.
The young leaves break from their buds –
children of the season.
Whispering the forest full of their joy and laughter.
Once again spring rain serves
as a clear sky,
where the mind and heart dance with the soul.
Brooke Doughty, 8th grade
Submitted by Oak Meadow teacher Lesley Arnold

In submitting this next piece, Oak Meadow teacher Julia West says, “I was so amazed by this project from Fiona Hall, a very talented artist. The assignment is to read parts of The Temple of Nature, a magnificent volume of poetry by Erasmus Darwin (Charles’ grandfather), and use it to inspire some either a poem, drawing, painting, etc. that addresses their understanding of natural selection.”
unnamed, by Fiona Hall

“unnamed” by Fiona Hall, 10th grade
Submitted by Oak Meadow teacher Julia West

Fiona describes her work: “The clearest depiction of evolution and natural selection in this image to me is the hand of an evolutionary ancestor of modern humans holding an infant, representing our evolutionary change over time. How all the creatures are clustered close together and intertwined represents the interrelation between all species, how we all started out in the same place as basically the same thing. Some of the animals depicted are now extinct showing how some die out whilst others continue develop and grow stronger. The butterfly is also a symbol to me (although its is kind of a stretch). I was thinking about the butterfly effect when I put it there, and how one extra beat of a butterflies wings can affect so much and change the course of history and evolution.”
We chose to include Fiona’s gorgeous piece because it was so beautifully inspired by poetry. As today’s opening quote reminds us, “the true poem rests between the words.” What does that mean? What do you feel between the words in these and other poems you’ve read?
More poetry to come tomorrow, the last day of our Poetry Extravaganza! Maybe you’ve written a poem this week, or maybe you’ve just thought about it. Keep writing and thinking!