Oak Meadow 2015 Poetry Extravaganza – Part IV

Posted on April 30, 2015 by Amanda Witman

Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance. ~ Carl Sandburg

Poetry is not just for students! Some of Oak Meadow’s faculty and staff write poetry on a regular basis. Here is a wonderful summertime poem from Oak Meadow staffer Ben Mitchell. Although it is only April, Ben says, “Remember, everyone, summer is coming!” Perhaps this poem will remind you of something to look forward to when the seasons change again.

Do You Ever
Do you ever lie on your back
in the damp grass
of August,
Stare into the universe,
the particles of debris
skipping across the ozone.
Once I saw three stars
in a perfect line
and for one, fine, splintered second, I could feel
the extraordinary intelligence-
every crooked twig,
each patch
of cow-chomped dandelion.
Ben Mitchell
Oak Meadow Director of Admission

Do you have a favorite memory that could become a thought-provoking poem? Sometimes the echo of an experience can be a gift to others or to one’s future self. What gift would you like to preserve in a poem?
We hope you will make a habit of reading and writing poetry throughout the year, sharing it with loved ones and anyone else who will listen!