Send Valentines!

As we come to the end of the month of January, I am on the lookout for ideas for crafts involving Valentines! I love making Swedish woven heart baskets and filling them with treats. We happen to have a chocolate candy maker in our town, so I’m right in line when the time comes to fill the hearts. If you haven’t made them before, you can search the internet for videos on how to make them or follow printed directions for them. It’s tricky at first, but you will soon master it!
My favorite website for craft ideas is The Toymaker . Marilyn Scott-Waters is an amazing artist and her generosity in sharing free materials is something to be admired. She shares her Valentine craft ideas here:
It’s also fun to write and send an acrostic poem using the word LOVE.
I like to send word searches, too. There are many to find on the internet in shapes of hearts! Here are many sites to try.
So get started crafting and sending good wishes and loving thoughts to the people around you that you care about!