New Devices and Apps



This seems like such a common question these days!

If you got a new device recently, it may seem quite a challenge to know what to download to it. My head is spinning with all the apps that are available! Some people suggest things that I think are ridiculous and a waste of time. Sometimes I download something that sounds great and then, after a few tries, I find out it really isn’t. Some lure me to try the app and then I find out it costs money to really use it. (I don’t like to pay!)

Well, I found a terrific solution!

Common Sense Media has reviewed and written about some available apps that might be of interest to you. I think the coolest thing about the Common Sense Media reviews is that each review answers the questions, “What’s it about?” and “Is it any good?” The reviews also give suggestions as to what a family can talk about when the app is used and what age group it’s appropriate for.

Give it a try and put that new device to work for you!


Taking time to make something

In our busy days, with so much going on around us, it can be a challenge to find the time to just enjoy making something. I like carving wood and wood burning and I love to knit too, but when the summer months come, the last thing I want to do is be inside. It’s too hot here in New Hampshire. Anyway, I really enjoy doing some crafts with friends outside at the picnic table on a summer afternoon.
If you like constructing things, coloring, or sewing, go to Made by Joel to find items to keep your hands busy on a summer afternoon! You’ll find all sorts of stuff to make for all ages!

How do I describe a painting?

“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”
~ Edward Hopper

I love this quote by Edward Hopper. It reminds me that paintings are images that are expressed, just as a poem or composition has images expressed in words. It is often so hard to describe a work of art, especially these days when everything is made so visual. When my granddaughter was born everyone asked for a photograph right away. It was as though my descriptive words were not enough for them. They wanted more of a picture. I began to really look at her and tried to describe in detail what she looked like rather than send a photograph. It was really hard to do! Before we had photography, painters had the joy of painting what they saw, felt, or experienced in their world.
In some assignments you will be asked to describe a painting or write how it makes you feel. Sometimes I get responses like, “The color is dull,” or “I feel dizzy when I look at it.” These comments crack me up! If you haven’t been exposed to how to really look at a painting or work of art, it can be difficult to find the words. It always helps to know the history of the artist and the environment in which the artist painted. I love watching Sister Wendy describe and interpret paintings. The videos are very long, but well worth the viewing. She’s funny and so interested in the paintings! Her historical summary of when, where, and how the paintings were accomplished is outstanding. Enjoy! I’ve included a sample here: Sister Wendy