This One is for the Birds!

Photo Credit: Manuela Vega (Oak Meadow Archives)

In Oak Meadow’s k-4 coursework, constructing bird feeders is a common part of the craft projects related to the science lessons. For the northerners, it’s especially important to feed your feathered friends in winter. If you do this, they will be sure to sing for you all summer long.
Keep regular bird feeders full of seed. Now that it’s wintertime, try something new. Little yellow goldfinches like sunflower seeds, and they will sing their praises for such a treat. “Per-snick-ity, per-snick-ity!” Did you know that birds, in general, like a small slice of apple? Orioles like oranges, too (peeled, of course, and preferably cut in half). The house finch loves cherries, and so do robins. Redheaded woodpeckers, who call out, “Queer! Queer!” have reason for this warble, because they like boiled potatoes. The big, bold, black and white evening grosbeaks like nutmeats and cranberries. Suet tied on a tree will bring many birds, as will corn. And so will this –
Fancy Finch Feeder
Use a piece of wood at least a foot long. Leave the bark on, if you like. Screw a sturdy ring on one end, and then drill several holes down and around. The holes need to be big enough to hold small paper cups. Fill these cups with several mixtures, such as suet and birdseed, suet and nutmeats, suet and peanut butter. Place the cups in holes you made. Hang your feeder near a window (but not where cats can climb). Then watch the rosy finches feed on this Fancy Finch Feeder.

Isn’t wintertime wonderful?