Voting Rights

images-2Yesterday I rode my bicycle. I rode through town without a male escort. I have a college education. I love my job, which I chose myself as a career.

I also voted!

Women have come a long way toward equal rights in the United States! As I walked into the center where I could cast my vote this week, I thought about the first women’s rights conference in Seneca Falls, New York. As I went into the voting booth, I quietly thanked those women. I thanked them for the many years they worked hard and passionately, and for the many attempts they made for the passage of an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States which would allow women the right to vote. Some women were jailed for picketing the White House for their right to vote. (Women were the first to picket the White House in protest.)
Did you know there are countries in the world where women do not have the right to vote?