What on Earth is happening?

The first “pendulum seismoscope” to measure the shaking of the ground during an earthquake was developed in 1751, but it wasn’t until 1855 that faults were recognized as the source of earthquakes.
(From the U.S. Geological Survey Homepage)

If you have taken, or are taking, the 7th grade Earth Science course with Oak Meadow, then you know there is a lesson about earthquakes and plate tectonics. It’s a fun lesson because you get to eat pancakes while you perform experiments with the pancakes to demonstrate Earth’s movements!
I find it fascinating that the Earth, which I think of as so firm and steady under me, is actually in movement all the time. Every day the Earth’s movements are recorded and reported. If you are interested in seeing where in the world the biggest earthquakes have been this week, you can go to Earth Track.
Some scientists that have studied fracking have found that if fracking occurs near fault lines, it may be the cause of an increase in earthquakes in certain regions. injection-well-jpgOther scientific studies point to the injecting of wastewater into deep wells as the cause for an increase in earthquakes.The wastewater can come from fracking, or even from oil and gas production waste. These are called injection-induced earthquakes. Human made earthquakes! It is more than moving pancakes around in a frying pan, that’s for sure!
This is a controversial issue that is interesting to read about and discuss.