Wild Time!

Posted on September 22, 2014 by Lesley Arnold


From Project Wild Thing:

Wild Time is what we call time spent outside.
It’s free time to be spontaneous, for exploring, playing, imagining and creating.
There’s no plugs outside . And you won’t need batteries.
But we promise you’ll find a deeper connection.
It’s also free!
No cash is really needed.
Wild Time is great for building confidence, creativity and independence.
It’s also healthy, good for the mind and the body.
And there’s also lots of other life out there to discover and connect with. If you just look up, listen and start to notice.
Wild Time can be taken on any doorstep, anywhere from the middle of the city to the remotest rural countryside.
There’s all kinds of Wild Times to be had, from a few minutes to hours and days.
You can search the Wild Times here for ideas or share your own ideas to help others.

Keep it Wild!