Advanced Study Project

The Advanced Study Project (ASP) offers students the chance to engage in an exciting and relevant academic, professional, or hybrid study of their own design while earning credit and preparing for the challenging work of college and beyond.

Offered to both independent and enrolled students, the Advanced Study Project is required for graduation from Oak Meadow High School.

The project design is up to the student; once you come up with an initial idea, you will be matched with an Oak Meadow faculty advisor who has experience or interest in your topic. They will help you define, design, and execute your project over the course of the semester (required) or full year (optional). While this can sound daunting, the ASP is actually your opportunity to create your own class, to use time and resources to discover and explore what you  want to learn. It’s a good idea to plan early: most students complete the ASP in their senior year.

Here are examples of Oak Meadow student ASPs

  • John-Paul, a competitive freeride skier, completed a hybrid ASP entitled “A Research Into the Effect of Mental Training and Proper Nutrition on Athletic Performance.”
  • Catie’s project was teaching ballet to young students and learning the Sugar Plum Fairy’s dance solo from The Nutcracker. Her final essay was “Teaching Ballet: Or, How I Became a Better Dancer By Instructing 5-Year-Olds.”
  • Fianna and Blythe, twin sisters, completed a year-long ornithology course that they developed themselves.
  • Seth, an actor, submitted this proposal: “My project has two goals. A primary goal of the project is to raise scholarship funds for young people in the arts. Secondly, we want to provide an environment for youth to independently develop a performance from start to finish.”
  • Saburi’s plan was to expand upon an idea for her entrepreneurial venture. Having been a former debate champ, she and her mother created the Silicon Valley Speech and Debate public speaking academy to teach middle schoolers the art and practices that Saburi had mastered.
  • Rebecca’s project was titled: “An Exploration of the First 1,000 Years of the English Language with Particular Consideration of the Norman Invasion and How it Shaped the Course of the English Language.”
  • Crystal studied oil painting with a local painter
  • Peter’s “The Art of Baking Bread” took him on a research and bread-making journey that covered centuries of human civilization.
  • Emily, through her work at a local stable, looked into the “Health Issues experienced by Draft Horses and What To Do For Them.”
  • Isabella wrote an original story that she paired compositionally with illustrations and Latin translations. She also composed a violin duet and choreographed a ballet solo, which are interpretations of the story. She then created a video of herself performing the ballet solo with two friends playing the duet.