A Sense of Place: The Geography of Global Change

In this full year project-based world geography course, for enrolled students only, students will learn and utilize geography skills and perspectives to explore vital real-world challenges related to our use and reliance upon natural, cultural, and economic resources. Students will gain a broad understanding of the world in which we live and the many forces that are shaping how we and our world will change in the near future.

Through integrated projects, students will have the opportunity to create learning experiences of their own design, culminating in a student-driven final research project. Instead of a textbook, students will be using a wide variety of primary and secondary sources, current events and professional research, literature and film, and other print and online materials. The course includes extensive work with maps and mapmaking, as well as research, collecting and interpreting data, writing, and reflection. The course materials include the following.


For enrollment only

Course Length: Full year

Grade Level: 11, 12

Sample Curriculum