Saxon Algebra I (for Independent Use)

This course covers essential algebraic concepts. Emphasis is placed on applying algebraic and geometric skills to solve word problems.

The following skills are covered:

  • evaluation of expressions involving signed numbers
  • exponents and roots
  • properties of real numbers
  • absolute value and equations and inequalities involving absolute value
  • scientific notation
  • unit conversions
  • solution of equations in one unknown and solution of simultaneous equations
  • algebra of polynomials and rational expressions
  • work problems requiring algebra for their solution
  • graphical solutions of simultaneous equations,
  • Pythagorean theorem
  • algebraic proofs
  • functions and functional notation
  • solution of quadratic equations via factoring and completing the square
  • direct and inverse variation
  • exponential growth

For independent use only

Course Length: Full year

Grade Level: 9, 10

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