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Algebra II (for enrolled students)

This course covers intermediate algebraic concepts to provide students with solid foundational skills to prepare them for success in PreCalculus and beyond. Topics include a review of real numbers and algebraic expressions, equations, inequalities, and problem-solving, systems of equations and inequalities in two and three variables, matrices, exponents, rational expressions and equations, radicals, complex numbers, functions and their graphs (quadratic, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and polynomial), conic sections, sequences, series, the Binomial Theorem, counting methods, and probability theory.

Students also have the opportunity to explore extension concepts including topics in statistics, as well as introductory precalculus skills including trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities, equations, and applications.

Students will have access to learning resources through MyMathLabⓇ including an online textbook, an interactive lecture series of instructional videos aligned with the textbook, chapter test prep videos, student success tips videos, an online solution manual, and a student organizer to guide students through effective study skills including note-taking and practice exercises.