Composition: Expression and Understanding

Composition: Expression and Understanding is designed to help students develop essential skills that will form the basis for their long-term development as a writer. Learning to write is a journey rather than a destination; at the heart of this journey is the need to know oneself. In the first semester, The Art of Expression, students will explore a variety of reading and writing assignments to help them understand their own individual perspective, strengths, challenges, and skills. They will gain tools for understanding themselves and others, and practice the skills needed to articulate arguments and viewpoints.

In the second semester, The Act of Understanding, students explore their individual curiosities in a semester-long inquiry project. Using techniques of creative research, students will be guided each step of the way, culminating in a final essay of high-quality writing and in-depth research skills.

For enrollment only

Course Length: Full year

Grade Level: 9, 10

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