Drawing and Design

In this Drawing and Design course, students are introduced to the primary concepts of drawing and design using exercises and readings designed to enhance artistic skills and appreciation. These drawing and design principles develop a student’s capacity to think creatively and to develop an eye for aesthetics.

Exercises include gestural drawing, contour drawing, the use of values to add dimension, portraits, visual composition, and proportion. Students gain experience drawing with pencil, charcoal, colored pencils, soft pastels, and oil pastels.

Comparing our “Integrated Drawing” and “Drawing & Design” Courses

Oak Meadow offers two art courses that are suitable for students looking to begin formal art instruction.

  • Our Drawing and Design course is designed for students who are already practicing art and are looking to develop their skills. This course involves more composition and “seeing like an artist” exercises.
  • Integrated Drawing is ideal for students who are new to art. It assumes no prior drawing skills and leads students step by step in a way that is approachable to the new artist.

Students are welcome to take both our Integrated Drawing and Drawing and Design courses, though it is not necessary. In terms of course progression, we would recommend starting with Integrated Drawing and following it with Drawing and Design. While there is some overlap between these courses, taking both offers students the opportunity to develop and hone their artistic talents.

For independent use and enrollment

Course Length: Full year

Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12

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