New January 2024!

This single-semester course introduces students to the fundamentals of economics. Economics is important because everyone participates in it every day, and it affects our decisions, large and small. Because economics is a human science, its terms and ideas are tied up with the people who invented them, and so the study of those people—philosophers, economists, mathematicians, and politicians—and their ideas will be central to this course.

Topics include fundamental concepts such as property, international trade, banking, taxation, government spending and borrowing, supply and demand, and the boom-and-bust business cycle. The course delves into economic theories and practices, free-market competition and centrally planned economies, global economies and international finance. The assignments and activities in the course give students the opportunity to apply economic principles to relevant and practical situations.

  • Can be paired with U.S. Government to fulfill a year-long requirement in most states

For independent use and enrollment

Course Length: One Semester

Grade Level: 11, 12

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