Environmental Science for a Changing World

Environmental Science for a Changing World, Second Edition, introduces fundamental ecological concepts and explores the interactions between all living things, including humans, and our environment. Students learn about the biosphere, major biomes, ecosystems, chemical cycles, and the role of living things in ecosystems.

In addition to learning about environmental problems, students explore practical alternatives for protecting the environment and moving toward a sustainable future. More and more, the broad subject of environmental science needs to be considered on a global scale, and this course helps to increase students’ awareness of global environmental issues, as well as their role in their environment, both local and global. Students are encouraged to think deeply about the issues discussed and their responsibilities as citizens of the Earth. The interdisciplinary nature of environmental science is reinforced throughout the course.

Note: This is a comprehensive revision with many new changes to increase student engagement and understanding and better support teachers and parents. Overall, the scope and sequence of the content is mainly unchanged, but the depth and quality is improved.

For independent use and enrollment

Course Length: Full year

Grade Level: 9, 10

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