Physical Education

Oak Meadow enrolled students are required to complete 120 hours (1 credit) of physical education in order to graduate. But students can meet their Physical Education requirements in many ways!

For example, students can earn credit for organized sports or other physical activities such as gymnastics, dance, or martial arts (anything with a coach or instructor).

Alternatively, for students who are not taking formal lessons or who may not belong to a gym, their PE requirements can still be met by keeping a log of the physical activities they are involved in. This could be jogging, walking, dancing, gardening, rock climbing–anything that gets you up and moving. The log should be reviewed by a parent or guardian and
used when filling out the PE form.

Download and fill out the Physical Education Form below to complete your physical education requirement. If you have questions about how to apply or about what activities may or may not qualify, please contact your Oak Meadow educational counselor.

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For enrollment only

Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12