Speak Your Truth: Poetry Part II

This course builds on the foundation of the poet’s craft developed in Word: The Poet’s Voice and expands it to include performance skills needed to recite poetry before an audience. By studying videos of selected poetry readings by well-known poets of various genres and attending local poetry readings, students explore the reading styles and techniques employed by each author. Writing exercises are designed to develop the student’s poetic repertoire, drawing inspiration from personal experience, current events, nature, relationships, and the imagination to writing meaningful poetry. Students are required to participate in monthly online poetry workshops to collaborate with peers and examine the work of others in the course. Each workshop will provide students the chance to read their own work aloud to the group, and be praised and critiqued in a supportive environment. As a final project, each student will perform their work in front of an audience of their family or friends, at a local library, bookstore, or café, or any other venue of their choosing.

For enrollment only

Course Length: One semester

Grade Level: 11, 12

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