United States History: Conflict and Compromise

New January 2024!

This full-year course on United States history begins with a brief introduction to the Americas before 1492 and looks closely at the colonial era, imperial conflicts, and the early republic. The first semester continues with westward migration, Indian dispossession, slavery, industrialization, and the Civil War. The second semester looks at the world wars, immigration, the Cold War, and the civil rights movements, and wraps up with the twenty-first century war on terror and culture wars.

The course dives deeply into primary source materials, and students have multiple opportunities for primary source projects. Throughout the course, students will be able to choose from a range of options in each lesson. The lessons are designed for students to practice the skills of reading comprehension, knowledge retention, historical interpretation, chronological reasoning, comparison and contrast, geographical analysis, and textual and visual analysis. The primary-source projects provide students with the opportunity to write essays and works of historical fiction; make drawings, maps, and diagrams; create audio and video recordings; work on crafts and cooking; and complete other creative projects that directly use primary sources or are based in knowledge gained from primary sources and previous readings.

For independent use and enrollment

Course Length: Full Year

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12