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World History

The study of world history is the study of humanity itself. This course moves far beyond the simple learning of historical facts, and asks students to think deeply about what we can learn from the past and apply to the present to create a better future. This course looks at world history through a multi-faceted lens, helping students connect course topics with literature, art, geography, psychology, sociology, economics, science, and technology. Students develop critical thinking and research skills as they analyze relationships between people and events as a means of understanding past and current world events. Students are encouraged to interpret facts, determine cause and effect, separate facts from opinions, explore values, synthesize information, consider divergent perspectives, form hypotheses, and evaluate conclusions. The course combines content-rich lessons with student-designed projects and learning reflections.

This course is designed to be textbook-independent.

This means that students can use ANY textbook or other research materials to learn about the lesson topics. The coursebook is not organized around a specific textbook. Students may choose any current world history textbook to accompany this course; however, relevant and comprehensive information can be found in a variety of places and a textbook is not required. As a textbook-independent course, students will conduct research and locate reputable sources to explore lesson topics, using a variety of print and online sources, film, audio, literature, news archives, artwork, and journals.

For independent use and enrollment

Course Length: Full year

Grade Level: 9, 10

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