FERPA Consent Form

FERPA Consent to Release Student Information

(to be filled out by the student)

  • [Name of Student requesting the release of educational records]
  • [Name(s) of person to whom the educational records will be released, and if appropriate the relationship to the student such as “parents” or “prospective employer” or “attorney”]
  • (Note: this Consent does not cover medical records held solely by Student Health Services or the Counseling Center—contact those offices for consent forms.)

  • I understand the information may be released orally or in the form of copies of written records, as preferred by the requester. I have a right to inspect any written records released pursuant to this Consent (except for parents’ financial records and certain letters of recommendation for which the student waived inspection rights). I understand I may revoke this Consent upon providing written notice to the Oak Meadow Registrar [registrar@oakmeadow.com]. I further understand that until this revocation is made, this consent shall remain in effect and my educational records will continue to be provided to [Name of Person listed above to whom the educational records will be released] for the specific purpose described above.