National Honor Society

Welcome to the National Honor Society of Oak Meadow! This is an exclusive group of students who have exhibited the four criteria for election: scholarship, character, leadership, and service.

National Honor Society members must simultaneously maintain good grades and participate in many activities that make our community a better place. Membership in the National Honor Society is a privilege that is earned through academic work as well as good citizenship.

Once a year in the fall, Oak Meadow sophomores, juniors, and seniors are invited to apply. Eligibility is based on a grade point average of 3.5 for any student taking at least three high school courses. Acceptance by our NHS faculty council is based on students’ extracurricular and volunteer activities as well as letters of recommendation.

Please visit each student’s profile below to learn more about these wonderful, caring, intelligent, and active young people!

Membership in the National Honor Society entails a commitment. Bylaws require a public induction, which is a challenge to achieve in a distance learning environment. We created this web page as a way to publicly recognize our amazing National Honor Society members.

Our 2023 Inductees

Shakti Anthony

Willem Romeo Atkinson

Kate Frederick

Saydi Grey

Nico Konyk

Zoe Meredith

Maryam Mir

Donavon Nail

Joan Manuel Sarmiento Gomez

Emelia Thompson

  • Kiera Cox
  • Logan Downey

Our 2022 Inductees

Samantha Bean

Sequoia Friedman

Elliott Grimm

Leela Levering

Neesa Kienitz-Peak

Liam McBrien

  • Ava Ippoliti
  • Carolina Machemer
  • Carlos Martins

Our 2021 Inductees

Kaiva Coleman

Laura Daukantaite

Lucille Fitch

Gabrielle Guidry

Elsa Kendall

Michael Lautenbach

Lucca Orsi Martins

Eesa Mir

Jaden Olauson

Virginia Scharkowski

Megan Stuart

Diana Wipf

  • Devon Labbate
  • Julius Joplin

Our 2020 Inductees

Jillian Bauer

Jack D'Souza

Megan Frederick

Bryce Hevener

Khizer Mir

Ben Parker

Hannah Parker

  • Lilliana Hojnacki

Our 2019 Inductee

Cyrus Burt

Our 2018 Inductees

Eve Eismann

Kana Kishimoto

Katherine Pheysey

Our 2017 Inductees

Benjamin Almquist

Katherine Almquist

Hasan Al-Quaid

Alex Blackburn

Olivia Merlini

Aiden Murray

Chase Richardet