For students planning to earn a high school diploma from Oak Meadow, we require a distribution of academic subjects that provides a comprehensive education and a well-rounded transcript for college entrance requirements.

  • Students must take at least three credits per year to be considered fully enrolled.
  • Students who wish to receive a high school diploma from Oak Meadow must complete a minimum number of credits as noted in the chart below. If you plan to apply to college, include college entrance requirements in your academic planning process.
  • Students wishing to graduate from Oak Meadow must be a full-time student for both semesters of their senior year. Seniors transferring to Oak Meadow for their final year must enroll in a minimum of three credits to be eligible to receive an Oak Meadow diploma.
  • Academic planning sheet

Course Distribution

Subject area

Minimum credits


4 credits


3 credits (4 recommended)

Social Studies

4 credits


3 credits (4 recommended)

Fine Arts

1 credit

World Languages

2 credits


1 credit


1 credit

Advanced Study

0.5 credit


2.5 credits

Suggested Course Schedule

The minimum requirement for graduation from Oak Meadow High School is 22 credits, but please note that our college-bound students typically graduate with 24-26 credits. These additional credits can include AP courses, computer technology courses, additional core courses, or electives in other areas of interest. See individual course descriptions for more information about content and course progression, or contact us.  Please note: This is a SUGGESTED schedule. 

Grade 9

U.S History or World History

Environmental Science or Biology

Hero’s Journey or Composition: the Art of Expression*

Algebra 1/2 or Algebra I

Language*/Fine Arts/Elective


Grade 10

U.S. History or World History

Biology or Chemistry w/Lab

American Literature or Lit and Comp II

Algebra I or Geometry



Grade 11

World Geography

Chemistry w/Lab

British Literature or American Literature

Algebra II or Math Connections



Grade 12

Social Studies course


British Literature

Advanced Math (Pre-Calculus) or Calculus

Advanced Study Program*

Integrated Health and Fitness

*Available through Oak Meadow for enrolled students

More Information

  • Oak Meadow accepts credits from other accredited high school and college programs.
  • Upon enrollment you will receive an Oak Meadow Student Handbook, which outlines graduation requirements and policies.
  • Oak Meadow requires three credits of math for graduation; however, we recommend that college-bound students carefully review the math requirements for each college program being considered.
  • Students who intend to enroll in college should plan to use some of their electives to fulfill the specific requirements for college entrance. We highly recommend that college-bound students take three years of a world language.