Common Core

Common Core Supplements

For families who wish or need to comply with Common Core Standards

Oak Meadow curricula provide a rigorous and progressive educational experience that meets the intellectual and developmental needs of students. Our courses are designed with the goal of guiding learners to develop a body of knowledge that will allow them to be engaged citizens of the world. With knowledge gained through problem solving, critical thinking, hands-on projects, and experiential learning, we inspire students to connect disciplinary knowledge to their lives, the world they inhabit, and the world they would like to build.

While our courses provide a compelling and complete learning experience, our program may not be in complete alignment with recent Common Core standards in some areas. After a rigorous analysis of all our courses, we have developed a series of supplements to accompany our materials. These additions make our materials Common Core compliant. These Common Core additions are either stand-alone new lessons or add-ons to existing lessons. Where they fall in regard to the larger curriculum is clearly noted on each supplement lesson. Only courses needing Common Core supplementation are listed above.