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Living Education Traditions Old and New Spring 2024 - Oak Meadow Homeschool MagazineTraditions, Old and New (Spring 2024)

One of the best parts of parenting is introducing your children to favorite traditions you grew up with. Many families create new traditions as well, initiating a ritual or event that their children can carry forth into future generations. This issue of Living Education celebrates family traditions, large and small. From ordinary daily rituals to annual festivals and events, there’s something for every family to try! (Download PDF)

Living Education Cover Adapt Customize and ThriveAdapt, Customize, and Thrive! (Fall 2023)

Every homeschooling experience is wonderfully unique. This issue is all about how homeschoolers adapt and customize their learning experiences so their students can live their learning, love their learning, and thrive! (Download PDF)

Life Prep: Getting Ready for the Future Cover - Living EducationLife Prep: Getting Ready for the Future (Spring 2023)

What skills does your child need to be a successful adult? It’s never too early or late to start teaching kids what they’ll need to know for life beyond school, so this issue is packed with ideas and hands-on activities you can use right away. (Download PDF)

Living Education - Homeschooling with Meaning - Fall 2022 CoverHomeschooling with Meaning (Fall 2022)

Showing our children how to live a meaningful life is part of the parenting—and educational—process. But every family brings meaning into their world differently. In this issue, we’ll explore ideas and share stories about making the homeschooling journey meaningful and satisfying. (Download PDF)


Living Education Spring 2022-Success! Defining, Measuring and Making the Most of ItSuccess! Defining, Measuring and Making the Most of It. (Spring 2022)

What is success? Ask 10 people, and you’ll probably get 10 different answers. In this issue, we explore not only how to define success, but also how to assess and build on it. Our hope is that these articles help you embrace your own brand of success. (Download PDF)

Living Ed Fall 2021 Cover - Weaving a Hybrid LifeWeaving a Hybrid Life (Fall 2021)

Homeschooling families have a special kind of hybrid life. Many of us are parent, teacher, and student all in one! In this issue, you’ll find a mix of articles to spark your interest and feed your passion for creating a meaningful hybrid life. (Download PDF)

Reimagining - Living Education Cover - Spring 2021

Reimagining (Spring 2021)

2020 caused us to reimagine school, socializing, home. . .just about everything! This issue of Living Education focuses on how life has changed due to the pandemic, creative ways to make the most of it, and, most of all, the resilience of the human spirit. (Download PDF)

Experiential Learning Living Education - Fall 2020, Experiential Learning Cover(Fall 2020)

At Oak Meadow, we believe in the power of experience. It’s not enough to simply read, write, or talk about something—in order to gain a deeper understanding of it, we often have to experience it firsthand. (Download PDF)

Living Education Cover, Spring 2020 - Dear Earth, How Can We Help?Dear Earth, How Can We Help? (Spring 2020)

Earth is our home, and it’s up to each one of us to take care of it. What can we do beyond daily habits of recycling and water conservation to care for our home planet? How might our stewardship efforts expand into community service or collaboration on a local, national, or international level? (Download PDF)

2019 Living Education Cover Start Strong: Rhythms and Routines for the School YearStart Strong: Rhythms and Routines for the School Year (Fall 2019)

Everything on Earth has a rhythm, from our heartbeats to music to seasons. The school year is no different: there is a rhythm to the school year and to the school day. How do you find your rhythm at the beginning of each school year? How do you create learning spaces to support this rhythm? How do you adapt your schedule and learning spaces when the rhythm changes? (Download PDF)

Freedom: Giving Our Kids the World - Living Education Spring 2019 edition Freedom: Giving our kids the world - Oak MeadowFreedom: Giving Our Kids the World (Spring 2019)

One of the greatest things about homeschooling is having the freedom to learn the way that works best for your family. Often this learning doesn’t take place inside the home. Homeschoolers can use the world to learn. In fact, one of the hardest parts about homeschooling can be staying home—there’s just so much to do! (Download PDF)

Living Education cover Fall 2018 editionProblem Solving: Cultivating a Creative Mindset (Fall 2018)

How do you approach a problem? Do you rely on what’s worked in the past or do you look for new solutions? What role does creativity play in problem-solving? That’s what our newest issue of Living Education explores. We know the world needs new ways of approaching challenges. Since children are naturally curious and creative, how can we nurture these qualities and encourage innovative thinking? (Download PDF)

Living Education Cover - Parent Powered! Group Learning for HomeschoolersParent Powered! (Spring 2018)

Group learning lets students exchange ideas and absorb new perspectives, hone communication and listening skills, delve into new interests, and build on the shared energy of cooperative enterprise. No wonder so many parents are incorporating it into their homeschooling! Check out this edition of Living Education to find out how you might bring the rich benefits of cooperative learning to your family. (Download PDF)

Living Education Cover Fall 2017 - Roots: Place-Based EducationRoots: Place-based Education (Fall 2017)

What gives you a sense of place? What does it mean to have a sense of place? this issue explores the value of place-based education. When we use the resources all around us—environmental, cultural, community, and human—we build in our students a stronger sense of themselves and their place in the world. (Download PDF)

Living Education Cover Spring 2017 - FlowFlow (Spring 2017)

Flow brings to mind an athlete, artist, or musician who is totally focused and performing optimally. Flow can also relate to how the seasons flow into one another, or how the phases of our lives (or our careers) flow from one to the next. Flow is seen in the stages of parenting, and the relationships between family members. Read about what “getting in the flow” of teaching, learning, and living means to several guest authors. (Download PDF)

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