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Submissions from homeschooling and homeschool-minded parents, educators, administrators, and students are welcome. Please view past issues of Living Education to get a feel for our audience and content. We are especially interested in articles that highlight unique and innovative paths that the educational journey can take. ~DeeDee Hughes, Managing Editor


Fall issue: May 15
Spring issue: November 15

Spring 2024 theme:

Traditions, Old and New

One of the loveliest parts of parenting is introducing your children to traditions you grew up with. Taking children to your favorite childhood place or hearing them sing a song you sang as a child gives a delicious sense of continuity. Many families create new traditions as well, initiating a ritual or event that their children can carry forth into future generations. Whether it is sharing a favorite family recipe, having a bonfire on the winter solstice, teaching your kids to fish using a grandparent’s “lucky” lure or going on an annual Mother’s Day hike, traditions are a way to give families a sense of connection with one another and their heritage.

Whether your traditions are beloved ones handed down by your family and friends or new ones you created to mark milestones, celebrate holidays, or spend time together, we want to hear about them! What do you do? Why do you do it? How did the tradition originate? Why are traditions important in your family?

The next issue of Living Education will celebrate family traditions, large and small. We’re eager to hear how families create a sense of continuity and connection. What traditions do you look forward to?

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