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The painting course introduces painting in terms of color and design, and explores representational skills as well as non-representational and abstract elements. This course helps develop basic skills and creative thinking, and students are asked to explore their creative thoughts in a written journal, and to conduct self-evaluations. Using acrylics, students learn to paint still

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Drawing and Design

In this Drawing and Design course, students are introduced to the primary concepts of drawing and design using exercises and readings designed to enhance artistic skills and appreciation. These drawing and design principles develop a student’s capacities to think creatively and to develop an eye for aesthetics. Exercises include gestural drawing, contour drawing, the use

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Integrated Drawing

Integrated Drawing is an experiential course that is designed to help students of all skill levels learn to draw. Students learn the basics of perspective, shading, proportion, color, and compositional balance. The majority of this course is built around exercises in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Comparing our “Integrated Drawing” and “Drawing

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