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Chemistry Matters

Chemistry is the study of matter through observation and experimentation. In this course, students get a rigorous hands-on introduction to the topics, tools, terms, mathematics, and practices of the study of chemistry. This full-year course includes 16 labs plus dozens of hands-on activities, inquiry-based quick labs, written assignments, and creative ways to explore on chemistry

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Forensic Science

Forensic Science is a hands-on laboratory and project-based learning course that will lead the student through a foundation of law and criminal justice, history of forensics, and modern scientific advances in the field. Hair, fibers, DNA, ballistics, serology, poisons, drugs, arson, explosions, fingerprinting, forgery, and entomology are studied in detail. The scientific method, data analysis,

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Human Anatomy and Physiology

The course is a single semester, 0.5 credit course with a lab component. It is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards. There are 11 lessons over 18 weeks; lessons are 1–3 weeks in length and there is a lesson timetable in the introduction. Prerequisite: Biology The lessons include the following topics: Human Body Systems Nervous

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This physics course combines traditional physics instruction with modern quantum theories of the nature of the universe. The subject is taught at an introductory level, which will allow the average student to grasp the concepts of Newton’s laws, statics, dynamics, thermodynamics, optics, DC circuits, waves, electromagnetics, and special relativity. Prerequisite: Algebra II  

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Biology: The Study of Life

In this course, students will be immersed in the study of the living things that surround them. They’ll be learning how life is defined and how they fit into the whole picture. The course is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards. There are 28 lessons over 36 weeks; lessons are 1, 1.5, or 2 weeks

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Environmental Science for a Changing World

Environmental Science for a Changing World introduces fundamental ecological concepts and explores the interactions between all living things, including humans, and our environment. Students learn about the biosphere, major biomes, ecosystems, chemical cycles, and the role of living things in ecosystems. In addition to learning about environmental problems, students explore practical alternatives for protecting the

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