High School

What does your high school curriculum cover?

Our high school curriculum includes a traditional range of college-prep subjects (math, science, English, social studies), as well as art, health, and, for enrolled students only, world languages. Courses focus heavily on reading, writing, critical thinking, projects, and reflection. Quizzes and tests are used only in math and science.

How do I know which courses to take?

We recommend a distribution of academic subjects to provide a comprehensive education and a well-rounded transcript for college entrance requirements.

  • Students who use our curriculum independently can refer to the suggested course schedule we recommend to our enrolled students as a guide. Please note that we do not offer World Languages to independent users; however, independent students are welcome to apply to our distance learning school to take individual courses, including World Languages.
  • Enrolled students work with an educational counselor (EC) throughout their high school experience. Assigned at the beginning of the enrollment process, your EC helps with correct grade placement and course selection. If your goal is to earn an Oak Meadow diploma, the EC will help you stay on track to meet our graduation requirements.

Find more information about high school course selection here >

Will Oak Meadow prepare me for college?

Oak Meadow’s high school curriculum offers rigorous, college-prep level courses. With careful course selection across the traditional range of subjects, Oak Meadow students are academically well-prepared for college or other post-secondary school learning.

Our experienced college counselor offers a free college counseling webinar series to all families and students. These interactive, online presentations include several College Counseling 101 sessions, as well as other topical issues relevant to the college admission timeline throughout the year. Each webinar is followed by a question-and-answer session.

  • Independent students: We offer a fee-based college counseling service to all homeschoolers, whether they use Oak Meadow’s curriculum or not. Families are welcome to consult our high school suggested course schedule and Academic Planning Sheet, as well as the resources listed on our college counseling page.
  • Enrolled students: College counseling is included in tuition for enrolled high school students. With extensive experience in college admissions, our counselor guides and assists students in making the most of their Oak Meadow experience on college application materials. Students receive an annual transcript review each spring to make sure they are on track to achieve their academic goals.

How much writing is required for your courses?

The Oak Meadow curriculum focuses on strong reading and writing skills, and students are given a wide variety of assignments across the subjects, including science and math, to help them develop these skills.

Students learn to write well thought-out essays and opinion pieces, conduct in-depth research, craft fiction and poetry, work with many styles of nonfiction writing, and produce cohesive, persuasive writing. The amount of writing each week varies. In general, students can expect to spend approximately one hour per day per subject, or five hours per week per subject. Of course, every student is different and some may need more time with particular assignments or subjects.

Students who would like extra writing practice might consider taking our Composition I: The Writer’s Craft course or purchasing our guide 100 Ways to Improve Your Composition and Creative Writing.

What is a textbook independent course?

Oak Meadow offers several textbook-independent high school courses. Along with our coursebook (syllabus), a student can use any textbook or other research materials to learn about the lesson topics. While there is no specific text associated with these courses, we offer a suggested option for each textbook-independent course in our bookstore for your convenience.

  • Our textbook-independent courses are organized around important central questions that challenge students to think critically about subject matter and help them engage with key knowledge by making it relevant to the world in which they live. We achieve this by both freeing our courses from simply following the content of any one textbook and, simultaneously, challenging students to answer questions and complete their lessons by consulting one or more sources.
  • Textbooks are not courses; they are essentially a tool students use to find condensed information. The skills and perspectives a student gains by seeking out other sources and evaluating information can lead to more meaningful learning than simply turning to a textbook for answers.
  • Students can use ANY relevant textbook or other research materials to learn about the topics listed in each lesson. Ideally, students will use a wide variety of print and online sources, such as non-fiction books, educational websites, films, textbooks, journals, novels, artwork, news archives, and podcasts. Students may need adult guidance in the first few lessons. The introduction to each course includes tips on how to read research materials and evaluate internet sources.
  • Here’s where to find additional links to resources that are referenced in our coursebooks: curriculum links.

What are your graduation requirements? (for enrolled students)

All enrolled students earn an accredited transcript for any classes completed at Oak Meadow. In order to graduate with a diploma from Oak Meadow, a student must meet our graduation requirements.

Transcript reviews are conducted each spring (or any time by request) to ensure every enrolled student who wishes to receive an Oak Meadow diploma is on track.

Please note that courses completed independently using Oak Meadow’s curriculum do not count toward our graduation requirements.

Along with taking Oak Meadow courses, are there other ways to earn credit towards my diploma? (for enrolled students)

Absolutely! Oak Meadow offers several avenues for high school students to broaden their education and earn credit.

  • Dual enrollment: Oak Meadow encourages dual enrollment to support students who wish to pursue academic interests beyond the Oak Meadow course offerings. Courses taken at other accredited schools can be included, with approval of our high school program director and registrar, on the student’s Oak Meadow transcript. Conversely, Oak Meadow course credits are transferable to most U.S. public and private schools.
  • Life Experience Credit: Oak Meadow encourages students to pursue their passions and to integrate fully into their communities, as well as to explore the world through travel and other experiences. Through our Life Experience Credit (LEC), students can earn up to one full elective credit per year (for four total  during high school) for these activities. Work/community service experience, music lessons, theater involvement, sports activities, visual and fine arts classes, dance, martial arts, and more can earn LEC.
  • Advanced Study Project: Enrolled juniors and seniors are required to participate in a self-directed Advanced Study Project (ASP). An ASP is similar to an independent study; with the guidance of a local mentor and an Oak Meadow faculty advisor each student designs his or her own project in the academic or professional field of their choosing.
  • Physical Education: Students choose how to fulfill our physical education requirement. Examples include gym membership, sports lessons, community team participation, personal training, or keeping a log of their weekly physical activities.