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At Oak Meadow, we’re consistently working to improve our curriculum offerings to make them as accurate and supportive as possible for our families. Below, you can find all curriculum updates that are effective January 2023.

You can help us with the process of improving our curriculum by reporting any errors or making suggestions here: Curriculum Feedback Form. Your efforts will greatly help us improve the quality of our products, and we appreciate your input.

2023 New Releases

American Literature: Social Transformations

In this course, students will study how American literature reflects and contributes to social transformations. Presenting a diverse set of voices, the course centers on the intersection of literature, history, and current events. Learn More >

World Literature: Africa and Beyond

This course will explore the experience of being at home in the world as well as the experience of losing one’s place. Each of the novels in this course is a unique coming-of-age story set in Africa and beyond. The themes of home, exile, and refuge are woven throughout, and each work of fiction is a window into real-life issues experienced throughout the world today. Learn More >

Critical Media Literacy

This course helps students develop the analytic tools needed to examine media content and make more informed choices as an active audience. Critical media literacy is grounded in social activism because it is inherently about making change. Studying media critically and learning how the media industries operate in the world often leads to changes in personal media consumption. Learn More >

2023 Curriculum Updates


These changes are present effective January 1, 2023

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