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At Oak Meadow, we’re consistently working to improve our curriculum offerings to make them as accurate and supportive as possible for our families. Below, you can find all curriculum updates since January 2023.

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2024 New Releases


Economics is a dynamic force that shapes every facet of our lives, from monumental choices to the tiniest daily decisions. Navigate the intricate balance of supply and demand, learn how to determine the cost/benefit ratio, and identify what drives changes in market prices. Learn More >

United States History: Conflict and Compromise

Embark on a year-long odyssey through the rich tapestry of United States history, where the echoes of the past converge with the promise of our future. Starting just before 1492 and concluding with the twenty-first-century war on terror, this course will take you through the most important and riveting chapters of U.S. history. Learn More >

Latin American Literature: Borders and Identities

Explore the profound impact of borders—both physical and social/emotional—on individuals and communities, especially within the diverse landscapes of Latin America. This literature course is a voyage of self-discovery that invites you to reflect on your own experiences and perspectives. Learn More >

Fundamentals of Physics

Want to unlock the mysteries of the universe, conduct awe-inspiring experiments, and expand your mind? Try Physics! It’s a gateway to understanding the fundamental laws that govern the universe. Learn More >

Health and Wellness

Get ready to supercharge your life with our year-long health and fitness course! Discover the real scoop on nutrition, unravel the science of stress, and demystify the world of reproduction and sexuality. Let this course be your guide to a healthier, more vibrant you. Learn More >

2024 Curriculum Updates

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