Dinosaur Craft Activities

Is there anything more fun than dinosaur crafts? Channel your inner archaeologist, and get ready to explore the wide world of dinosaur craft activities.

Dinosaur Felt Animals

Dinosaur Felt Animals

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? They’ve never been cuter than this. Here is a felt animal plush pattern you can use to sew your very own. Use them to make ornaments, finger puppets, baby mobiles and more.

Detailed, easy to follow instructions guarantee that you will create a lovely finished product. Even if you’ve never stitched before, give these guys a try, you will love making them and finding lots of fun uses for them! This PDF pattern download will give you instructions and patterns to make the dinosaurs pictured.

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Martha Stewart Fossil Cookies

Fossil Cookies

Know some hungry paleontologists? Let them dig into these tasty artifacts, courtesy of Martha Stewart. These simple cookies only require a few ingredients, so they’re perfect for children of all cooking abilities. Note that this recipe includes walnuts and will not be suitable for those with nut allergies.

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DIY Dino Egg Soap - Buzzfeed

DIY Dino Egg Soap

Hatch your very own dinosaurs with these DIY soaps (no time travel necessary!). This activity uses clear glycerin craft soap and should be suitable for children of all ages with parent supervision.

Purchase or collect dinosaur figurines from around your house, and enjoy encasing them in these multicolored eggs!

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Homemade Dinosaur Bones

Homemade Dinosaur Bones

These dinosaur bones are easy to make and can be used for learning and for play! Expand your children’s learning by having them research the various shapes and sizes of dinosaur bones. Mold these with a specific dinosaur in mind, or mix and match bone types to create a new dinosaur of your very own!

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Dinosaur Poop CraftDinosaur Poop Craft

Even children who hate doing crafts are sure to find this dinosaur poop craft entertaining! You may have never considered that you’d be working on a ‘poop’-themed craft, but, trust us — your children will love it.  This fake poop could be a doorstop, paperweight, or even a way to pull a prank on a friend. After all, who doesn’t love a giant pile of poop in their house?!?! In addition to the gross factor, however, this can also be a great time to talk about poop in a scientific way.

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