Guidelines for Home Teachers

Oak Meadow founders, Bonnie and Lawrence Williams, believed that the following the guidelines below could help home teachers manifest a child’s education successfully. Here are detailed homeschooling guidelines for helping in the teaching process. Clear a physical as well as psychological space:  Your student should do their schoolwork in a particular spot that is well-stocked

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Thoughts on Perfectionism

By Leslie Ann Daniels, Oak Meadow teacher My Oak Meadow colleagues and I often receive inquiries from home teachers regarding their child’s desire for perfectionism and the many frustrations that accompany this need. Working with children who display perfectionist tendencies can be quite challenging, so it is a valuable issue to address. What Is a

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Homeschool Rhythms

What do you think of when you hear the term, homeschool rhythms? It could mean many things, but for each family, the homeschooling rhythms will be unique as they segue into personal school lessons and extracurricular activities. As you establish a rhythm for your family, keep in mind that it should never be a burden, nor end up as a

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