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Summer Reading List 2020 for Families & Students K-8

Summer offers a perfect opportunity for students to choose from some insightful and fun reading options outside the homeschool curriculum. While we order these books by grade level, keep in mind that these are just suggestions — your student should feel free to explore whichever of these summer reading books catch their eye based on

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New MLA Guidelines for Citing Sources

When writing a research report or an essay, it’s important that you know the rules and guidelines for writing a bibliography, using images, or using quotations from research sources. Oak Meadow students are asked to use the MLA style of creating and formatting citations. Quick Guide to MLA Citations In 2016, the Modern Language Association

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Summer Reading List 2019 for Families & Students K-8

The unstructured days of summer offer a perfect opportunity for students to explore new works of literature outside the homeschool curriculum. This list is a compilation of suggestions from Oak Meadow teachers and enrolled students. Many of the books are newly published, while others are classic reads. While we order these books by grade level,

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The Benefit of Traditional Tales – Part Two

“I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream.” – Sleeping Beauty Fairy tales and other traditional stories offer children many chances to witness the struggle of “good” versus “evil.” By introducing this in oral story form, children can connect with the parts that are important for their individual development at that point in time.

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Books for Kindergarten Students

No matter where your student is in their homeschooling year, reading books together is a wonderful way to supplement children’s learning and engage their imagination.  This is especially important for the preschool and kindergarten aged students, so the Oak Meadow teachers teamed up and shared some of their favorite books for kindergarten: Leslie Daniels: One

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Homeschool Rhythms

What do you think of when you hear the term, homeschool rhythms? It could mean many things, but for each family, the homeschooling rhythms will be unique as they segue into personal school lessons and extracurricular activities. As you establish a rhythm for your family, keep in mind that it should never be a burden, nor end up as a

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