Oak Meadow 5-8 Newsletter, Spring 2019

Curriculum Activity: Make a Labyrinth

When studying ancient civilizations in Oak Meadow Grade 6, students have the chance to create a labyrinth like the one in the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. Follow the directions below for a classical, three-circuit labyrinth, or check out this video if you want to try a more complex five-circuit labyrinth. (Click on image below to download PDF.)

make a labyrinth instructions

Tips for Getting Through to the End of the “School” Year

For those homeschoolers who follow the traditional U.S. school calendar, integrate some extra fun activities to keep everyone (including you, moms and dads) moving forward.

  • Schedule extra museum trips, picnics, outdoor explorations, or field trips to spice up curricular/book work.
  • If you’re following a curriculum lesson planner, don’t be afraid to skip assignments if you feel the skill has been learned. Look for ways to combine or integrate lessons from different subjects into one project. Create a mural, make a video or slide show, put on a presentation or play, host a read-aloud; or create a model, timeline, or diagram as alternatives to written lesson assignments.
  • Know when to push through lessons and when to let go. Observe your students and yourself for interest and energy levels, and signs of stress or feeling overwhelmed. Don’t worry about getting to everything. Take a break and start up anew later–even next year!
  • Reflect on what is working well and plan to implement those methods for the rest of the year.
  • Sort through school supplies, books, clothing. Spring cleaning often give us more energy and brain power! For a fun family activity, have a tag sale and let the kids keep some of the proceeds.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to sleep and relax, eat healthy, exercise, and spend as much time outdoors as you can.